Berlingots des Pyrénées Sweets, 300g Box


Berlingots (small hard-boiled sweets) were first produced in 1945 and proved to be the leading sweets of their day. They invoke an image of excellence and celebration in a fireworks display of colours and flavours enjoyed by young and old alike.

Available in 300g box.

Delivery by courier or pick up at the factory shop.

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Berlingots Pyrénées Sweets

Berlingots Pyrénées Sweets

Ingredients :

Sugar, glucose syrup, flavorings, natural dyes E161b, E160c, E100-E141ii, E120, E153-E120, E141ii, acidifier: citric acid, gum arabic, vegetable oil (coconut). Possible presence of nuts, milk proteins, egg and gluten.

Nutritional value :

Energy values ​​388.3 kcal / 100g 1649.9 Kj / 100g – Carbohydrates 96.4% of which sugars 53.1% – Proteins <0.1% – Lipids 0.3% of which saturated fatty acids: 0.3 g / 100g – Sodium 6.33mg / 100g – fibres 0.9%

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