Goat Droppings – Licorice Sweets, 200g Sachet


These sweets remind us of the local farming tradition when goats mark their summertime passage high up on mountain paths. It was by observing our shepherds and their goats that we had the idea to create this licorice sweet with a hint of violet.

Available in 200g sachets.

Delivery by courier or pick up at the factory shop.

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Ingredients :

Sugar, glucose syrup, licorice 5%, flavorings, natural colouring E 153. Contains licorice, people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. Possible presence of nuts, milk proteins, egg and gluten.

Nutritional value :

Energy values ​​394.3 kcal / 100g 1675.4 Kj / 100g – Carbohydrates 97.8% of which sugars 55.3% – Proteins 0.1% – Lipids 0.3% of which saturated fatty acids: 0.1g / 100g – Sodium 19.6mg / 100g – fibres 1.0%

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Weight 0,230 kg


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