Bilberry Sweets, 200g Sachet


Bilberries are so very tasty. For the old-timers, this mountain fruit offered far more than just benefits for the eyes and digestion. These sweets are an ode to that time and tell a beautiful story.

Available in 200g sachets.

Delivery by courier or pick up at the factory shop.

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Bilberry Sweets – 200gr sachet

Bilberry Sweets – 200gr sachet

Ingredients :

Sugar, glucose syrup, flavoring, natural colors E153 E120, citric acid. Possible presence of nuts, milk proteins, egg and gluten.

Nutritional value :

Valeurs énergétiques 393.8 kcal/100g 1673.4 Kj/100g – Glucides 98.0% dont sucres 50.1% – Protéines < 0.1% – Lipides 0.2% dont acides gras saturés : 0.1g/100g – Sodium 5.69mg/100g – Fibres 0.9 %

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Weight 0,230 kg


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