Itxalette Basque Sweets, 200g Sachet


With a clever mix of dark cherries and Espelette pepper, two of the finest products of the Basque country, these sweets impose their strong personality on your taste buds and are a welcome guest alongside your pre-dinner drinks!

Available in 200g sachets.

Delivery by courier or pick up at the factory shop.

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Itxalette Sweets Basque

Itxalette Sweets Basque

Ingredients :

Sugar, glucose syrup, cherry flavor, E120 natural dyes, AOC Espelette pepper, citric acid, gum arabic, vegetable oil (coconut). Presence of nuts, milk protein, egg, and gluten may be present.

Nutritional value :

Energy values ​​391.7 kcal / 100g 1664.1 Kj / 100g – Carbohydrates 96.6% of which sugars 52.4% – Proteins 0.2% – Lipids 0.5% of which saturated fatty acids: 0.4g / 100g – Sodium 4.95mg / 100g – fibres 1.2%

Additional information

Weight 0,230 kg


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