Sweet Salad, 120g tube


A sweet salad that includes 4 varieties of sweets with both sweet and sour tastes. An explosion of colors and tastes for adults and children alike.

Available in 120g tube.

Delivery by courier or pick up at the factory shop.

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Ingredients :

Sugar, glucose syrup, flavorings, natural dyes E161b, E100, E141ii, E120, E163. Anethole, citric acid. Presence of nuts, milk protein, egg and gluten

Nutritional value :

Energy values ​​393.8 kcal / 100g 1673.4 Kj / 100g – Carbohydrates 98.0% of which sugars 50.1% – Proteins <0.1% – Lipids 0.2% of which saturated fatty acids 0.1g / 100g – Sodium 5.92mg / 100g – fibres 0.7g / 100g

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