70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, 100g Bar


Experience the pleasure of a delightfully dark chocolate bar containing 70% pure cocoa. This is a full-bodied dark chocolate that is strong but not too intense, the fruity accents merge with the aroma of the toasted cocoa to deliver a bittersweet taste sensation.

Available in 100g bars.

Delivery by courier or pick up at the factory shop.

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Dark Chocolate 70 % Cocoa

Dark Chocolate 70 % Cocoa

Ingredients :

Cocoa beans, sugar, pure cocoa butter. Powdered whole milk. Emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, natural extract of vanilla. Possible presence of nuts and egg proteins.

Nutritional value :

Nutritional composition – For 100g energy 557kcal 2313kj lipids 39g including saturated 24g trans 0g cholesterol 2.8mg carbohydrates 36g including sugars 27g starch <0.5g polyols <0.5g protein 9.0g salt 0.02g sodium 0.01g dietary fibre 12g alcohol (ethanol) 0g vitamin A 10.5ug vitamin C 0.50mg calcium 69.0mg iron 25mg

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